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  • Lower benefit payouts
  • Fewer litigated cases
  • Reduced fines and penalties


  • Lower costs
  • Reduce lost time
  • Increase productivity at work
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Anything that improves information flow will improve patient care and reduce Work Comp costs.
That's exactly what CompWorx's system does!

- Dennis C. Doherty, D.O. - Right Relief Health - Eatonton, Georgia

Who am I supposed to talk to about getting back to work?    I’ve got Nurses, Doctors, Adjusters, Supervisors, and HR people to deal with.    I can’t afford to be out of work!
- Injured worker, World’s largest airline

Getting Workers' Comp patients back to work is 90 percent information flow.    I've seen two weeks turn into two months, just because no one at the employer was watching.    Accelerator pays attention when others don't!
- Lee A. Kelley, MD - Orthopaedic Surgeon - Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic - Atlanta, Georgia

Workers' Comp claims are our second largest controllable expense.    We're looking to CompWorx to enable us to knock them way down the list.
- COO Nationwide Professional Staffing Company

Returning employees back to work after an injury can be a challenge.    I applaud CompWorx's efforts to simplify the process.    When employee's return to work everyone wins.
- Steve Heinen, AAI, CWCP - Former Vice President, Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance

The sharing of information is critical to understanding and properly evaluating my clients' cases.    This system accomplishes that in a way that does not infringe on my clients' privacy and does not disadvantage them.    The transparancy provided by CompWorx puts everyone on the same page.
- Injured Workers' Attorney

This system is an important tool for enhancing efficiency among all parties in the Workers's Compensation system.    Physicians need to have a mechanism for sharing information with those involved in the worker's compensation claims of their patients.    CompWorx provides that in a transparent fashion.

A recent study on Health Care Information Exchange and Interoperability estimated that Companies could save almost $78 billion per year by communicating health information electronically.   This is ideally what we need.    That's what CompWorx is providing now.
- Stephen A. Dawkins, MD, MPH, BSHS, FACOEM - Caduceus Occupational Medicine

The current Workers' Comp process is characterized by waiting.    Waiting is Expensive!
- Nationally Renowned Workers' Compensation Professional

The goal of every Workers' Comp professional should be to quickly get injured workers the right medical care, and get them back to work.   CompWorx' Accelerator will help the Work Comp community to do more of that.
- Georgia Workers' Compensation Best-Pratices Advocate

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